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Hey there, I stumbled on your site vresto.gr yesterday and I really like the design (I’ve been making sites for a long time). Are you currently using WordPress?

QUESTION, have you considered launching or growing an eCommerce business this year? With more people shopping online than ever before, it’s the time to kick things off.

I have been interested in eCommerce for a while, and after seeing your site, I wanted to share a couple things I recently learned about to make a profitable eCommerce store with little effort.

Here are 2 resources you simply can’t miss if you want to cash in on eCommerce this year:

1. https://www.BigCommerce.com and https://www.Shopify.com – Both of these eCom platforms have been revolutionary in helping new shop owners set up their shop. I use them myself right now.

2. https://www.WebGeek.io/ecommerce – This outlines a new 2021 eCommerce strategy, that helps you quickly set up a profitable eCommerce shop, with a site built for you and even finds winning products.

Anyway, best of luck on your site! Hope some of this info helps you out,


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