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We at Open Arms Outreach Organization are proud to tell you of our recent work to provide help to local communities in Africa.
Our mission is to extend the hand of compassion through charity to those in African Nations. We are working tirelessly to fulfill this.
The following are the things we do:

1) We provide boreholes for clean drinking water and providing power generators.
2) We partner with local professionals to train them on different skills.
3) We partner with local medical practitioners to provide medical treatment.
4) We provide scholarship to children.
5) WIDOWS are actually at-risk in this part of world, you will help in providing skills and self reliant to start earning something.

Your support will help us carry out our mission of saving and improving lives.
Our past campaign enabled us provide water. Skills and medical
This later part of the year, we hope to reach some other communities left behind especially WIDOWS.
Please visit us online to learn more about what we do and how you can help, you can put smile on the faces of someone.
As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the support of people like you. Our personal efforts are not enough.
We need your help as donors and volunteers. Please visit: http://www.openarmsoutreachorganization.com/
Basil Njoku,
Chairman, board of trustees of Open Arms Outreach Organization

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