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For the last 10 years, the team at MarketingVideoCompany.com has been creating video content for businesses like yours. We’ve primarily worked directly with marketing agencies to provide top quality graphics and marketing videos.

We have recently started working directly with end-businesses (like you) instead of marketing agencies that typically markup our video pricing with a 2-3x premium. There’s a reason why wholesalers and resellers of our videos are able to charge so much for our productions. We’re excited to offer you high-quality videos at wholesale pricing by skipping the middleman and working directly with our marketing and explainer video production team.

You can email me at david@marketingvideocompany.com or visit http://marketingvideocompany.com/ to check out sample videos.

Can I send you over some of our recent work that I think you will find relevant?

Thanks – stay healthy and safe.
David Bitton

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